Strength Guarantee

15 ears experience in steel structure construction industry

Optimum Selection  Good Materials

Traceability of Strictly controlled material quality Products

Technical Standard

Construction team of standardized product r& specialty

After Sales System

Perfect after-sales management system saves time and trouble





Market Application Scope of Shunda Light Steel Building System

Traditional reinforced concrete buildings began to gradually withdraw from China's construction market, China opened the construction 5.0 era!

Light steel buildings can be used in civil and public buildings

New rural self-built houses, villas, clubs, apartments, new rural construction of schools, leisure agricultural sightseeing, tourism real estate, commercial real estate government agencies, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, barracks
Renovation of old houses, sentry pavilions, commercial buildings, etc.

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Personalized Customization Design

One-stop service time-saving, labor-saving and more worry-saving

On-site combined construction fast and efficient, full standardized production and construction, light steel housing professional construction enterprises.

Strict control of product system

Full process industrialized production

International leading cold-formed thin-walled steel production line and technology, strict control of product quality related materials can be traced back, only to create high-quality villas.

Senior designers tailor-made light steel structure housing scheme for you to build your exclusive villa.

Outstanding Advantages of Shunda Light Steel System Building


Corrosion resistance
The service life can reach more than 90 years.

Environmental protection

Dry work
95% steel structure resources can be recovered

Sound insulation

Wall of Light Steel System
Wall sound insulation

(> 45db)

Moisture proof

Whole House Moisture-proof System
Say goodbye to dampness and go back to the South


100% factory production
Fast Construction, Short Period and High Efficiency


Variable Huxing
Professional team tailor-made for you

Land saving

High utilization rate
Indoor use area as high as 92%.

Earthquake resistance


Wind resistance

High Strength Steel
Resistant to Hurricanes above Category 16

Energy saving

85% energy saving
Warm Winter and Cool Summer

Light weight steel structure
Seismic resistance of magnitude 9

Assembled building light steel system building

Professional construction team, standardized operation process Stressing science,standards, technology, quality and after-sales

Six reasons to choose Shunda

Building Manufacturing Enterprise of Light Steel System for Assembled Construction

Fifteen years of industry experience, engineering quality is guaranteed

Strong R&D Force in Standardized Production and Construction

One-stop solution saves time and effort

Strong productivity ensures efficient delivery

Perfect after-sales system without worries

High quality, high standard and high quality are more guaranteed

Standard Service Flow

30 days to build your dream home

Communication Understanding

Sign a contract

Household type selection

Make sure

Field Installation

Verify check-in

Solutions to Common Questions of Light Steel System Housing

What are the contents of light steel villas?

What are the advantages of light steel villas?

Can Huxing be customized?

What's the difference between light steel villas and traditional villas?



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